Alerion Sport 33

 Single hand or fill the cockpit with friends and leave the fleet behind.

“I bought the Alerion Sport 33 with the expectations of having a light helm, comfortable cockpit and great performance all without sacrificing style. The AS33 exceeded my expectations on all these accounts!”

Owner of AS33 #24

There is something special about the feeling you get, tiller in hand, guiding an elegant yet astonishingly fast and nimble sailboat. Owners of our Alerion Express 28 know and praise this feeling.

So, it seems entirely natural that we would develop the next Alerion to deliver that same feeling but do so in a larger boat. Here she is: Alerion Sport 33.

Some elements of Alerion we would never tamper with: head-turning sheer, classic overhangs, thoroughly modern underwater shape, low coachroof, an ability to singlehand, and a capability to sail easily in all kinds of wind and weather.

The heart and soul of this new Alerion Sport 33 are pure Alerion. But we have tweaked the performance with a lighter displacement than the Alerion Express 33 and provided the offwind horsepower of an asymmetric headsail.

When we launched our design process, we discovered that we couldn’t imagine a better hull than our much admired and proven Alerion Express 33. Reducing its displacement boosted the Sport 33’s SA/Displacement ratio, and significantly enhanced its racing potential.

The cockpit can be as serious or relaxing as you wish. Lines are led specifically to put all the controls within reach of the helm, so singlehanded sailing requires no gymnastics. Both the headsail and mainsail have additional multi-part fine-tune lines to avoid dropping the tiller for winching when out alone or in close action on the race course.

Those long cockpit seats let a full complement of friends or crew sit to windward or two of you to stretch out for a nap. Control lines run through deck-clearing tunnels to clutches and cleats, then into cleverly designed elbow-resting boxes on either side of the companionway.

Because even an Alerion cannot perform when there is no wind, a small diesel with Sail Drive gets you home when the breeze fails. Should you prefer instead to anchor out overnight (or take a weekend cruise), a pleasant, simple cabin layout includes four berths, more than sitting headroom, and all the necessities.

But, never forget that the intention was to put phenomenal performance and sailing joy into a deceptively pretty yacht. The mast is carbon with Nitronic rod rigging, the hardware package geared to sailing fast in company, whether that’s in one-design action or against all comers.

The infusion molded SCRIMP construction delivers strength and quality without excess weight. These boats are built to last for generations, not be disposed of when some rule changes or fad arrives. After all, Alerions have been described as timeless in style; why should they not be built that way?