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Santana 22 (Que Apel)

The 22-foot Santana was Gary Mull's very first sailboat design and is still one of the best boats in its size-range, especially for sailing in heavy air. The basic design sprouted from sketches on a cocktail napkin at the Chart House in Alameda. (Tools of the trade were much more basic in those days.)

The Santana 22 quickly became one of the most popular one-design sailboats on San Francisco Bay and soon found its way to other windy venues such as Monterey, Oklahoma, the Columbia River, Houston, Dallas, and Lake Dillon, Colorado. A total of 747 boats were built in the first production run, and many of them still sail actively today.

"Que Apel" is a much newer Santana 22 than the other boats in our fleet. WD Shock, the builder, rereleased the 22 in 2001 and built a significant number. Updated cockpits, decks and interiors were incorporated into this design. These are the best Santana 22's ever built. 


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Gary Mull


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