Online Class Booking


Please note, we only offer 2 spaces per class on Basic Keelboat and 3 spaces on Basic Coastal so sign up today!

BK1 WEEKEND = Basic Keelboat Sailing 1 Taught 2 days, Sat AND Sun 10am - 2 pm.
BK1 MIDWEEK = Basic Keelboat Sailing 1 Taught 2 days, Mon AND Tues 10am - 2 pm.

BK2 WEEKEND = Basic Keelboat Sailing 2 Taught 2 days, Sat AND Sun 10am - 2 pm.
BK2 MIDWEEK = Basic Keelboat Sailing 2 Taught 2 days, Weds AND Thurs 10am - 2 pm.

BCC WEEKEND = Basic Coastal Cruising Taught 4 days, Sat AND Sun for two consecutive weekends 11am - 4 pm.
BCC MIDWEEK = Basic Coastal Cruising Taught 3 days, Mon, Tues & Weds  11am -5 pm.

How to Book Online: Click on the Weekend you want...pick a Saturday as all classes start then (hit the BLUE dot), scroll to the class you want, add it to your cart and start an account with us. You get to the pay site from there. It's easy!  We only have 2 spots per BK1 or 2 class and 3 for BCC class so if you see one for that time slot, we still have availability. Remember, you only need to schedule the one date for the whole course session as is noted in the first paragraph above.

If you have questions call 415-543-7333 or email us at