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Spinnaker Sailing offers bareboat charters to qualified sailors, both members and non-members. Please read the information below to learn how you can charter with us on beautiful San Francisco Bay.

All students of Spinnaker Sailing's classes get qualified as part of the learning process.

As part of learning with us, we make sure you are 100% prepared and more importantly, 100% confident of your skills on San Francisco Bay

Yes, we DO offer bareboat charters to Qualifed Sailors who didn't go through their sailing instruction with us. 

If you've checked around San Francisco Bay you've probably found out every other company does not offer bareboat charters to non-members of that company's sailing club. San Francisco Bay is notoriously difficult to sail. The combination of high winds, fast currents and huge ships all around you make SF Bay a sailors mecca, for those with the right skills, or a sailors nightmare for those without.

Fear not, for our checkout fee of $200 we'll get you checked out and make sure you're ready for the Bay. Please note: The checkout process is two-fold. If you are ASA or US Sailing Certified send us a copy of your logbook including certifications and you won't have to take the written exams. If you're not, be prepared to take two written exams before we will even schedule you for the on-water checkout. EVERYONE takes the on-water checkout. There's no other way to prove your skills than for one of our captains to witness you underway.

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  • The insurance company requires 24 hours of skippering experience to stay current. If you don't have that, you should probably take a private lesson prior to checking out so you can pas this difficult test. 
  • As the on water test requires a 100% passing grade to qualify, the point at which you don't pass a skill, we head back to the dock and the test is over. There is no instruction as part of the checkout test.
  • The checkout process is NOT certification. It is just to prove your skills to us so our insurance company will underwrite your sailing. We do offer the ASA certification process. This takes much longer and requires additional fees to the American Sailing Association. Ask us for more info on getting certified.
  • Expect the written tests to take approximately 2 hours. There are two test for each level of checkout.
  • The on-water checkout test can run from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your skills.
  • You will sign a charter agreement and post a damage deposit for the boat you are checking out on. The deposit ranges from $3000 - $5000 depending on the boat. Any and ALL damage you created while checking out is your responsiblity up to the level of deposit. Over that level the insurance company pays.
  • If you don't pass the written exams, you fail the checkout and we won't schedule the on-water portion.
  • Here's the summary of what you will be tested on. If you're chartering boats up to 27' you'll need to know up through the BCC (ASA 103) level of testing. Over 27' and you'll be tested all the way through ICC (ASA 104)
  • Written exams and on-water exams never happen on the same day. We can't keep a captain on standby as some people fail the written exam, thus failing the checkout.

  • Passing Requirements
    • Written Exams 80%
    • On-Water Exam 100% (yes, you need to know 100% of how to setup up the boat, operate the engine, dock the boat, raise sails, MOB, etc. If you think about it, knowing 100% of this skills makes sense to an insurance company writing you a million dollar check...they want to make sure you don't have to cash it.)
  • The point at which you fail anything during the on-water test, we head back to the dock. There is no instructional component to the checkout test.

The Procedure

Please completely and accurately fill out this document- Sailing Resume and email it back to us HERE. One we recieve this, we will contact you with the insurance company's requirements for the next step in the checkout, usually a written exam or if you are already certified to the appropriate level, the on-water test.

Private Lesson Prior to Checkout?

This is a great option for those who've never sailed SF Bay but have loads of sailing experience and perhaps are even certified elsewhere. We will pair you with one of our outstanding captains who will make sure you are 100% up to speed on all the skills before your checkout. If you fall short, they'll be honest and suggest a path for you to follow towards checkout or certification. Minimum of 3 hours ($85/hr) plus prorated boat costs.

Alternative to Checkout?  Here's a link to our Skippered Charter Page. Call with any questions 415-543-7333

Yes, how about a skippered charter. There are a few advantages to this:

  • You don't have to post a damage deposit as our US Coast Guard certifed Captain is in charge.
  • You can sail the boat as much or as little as you want
  • It can be a GREAT learning experience. Take advantage of the Captain's experience and skill
  • At the end of the charter, you simply step off the boat. The Captain pumps the holding tank, docks the boat and cleans her up.
  • Saves Time and costs nearly the same as a non-member bareboat charter.

Sailing often?

Think about joining the sailing club. Members save $235 on a single day's charter aboard one of our Catalina 320's versus the non-member price. Members have many other priviledges too. For further details about the club, visit our Sailing Club page.

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Weekday Rates (member rate on left in yellow)

Andrews 21 + 4 $135 / na $170 / 260
Andrews 21 (w/furler) + 4 160 / na 200 / 305
Santana 22 ("Que Apel") + 4 160 / na 200 / 285
Santa Cruz 27 + 5 160 / na 200 / 300
Santa Cruz 27 ("Phyliss") + 5 185 / na 225 / 335
J/80 ++ 6 185 / na 225 / 335
Catalina 320 "Flow" ++ 7 295 / na 365 / 545
J/105 "Racer X" +++ 7 295 / na 365 / 545
C&C 40 +++ 8 360 / na 450 / 675

+ Basic Coastal Cruising Certification Required
++ Intermediate Coastal Cruising Certification Required
+++ Advanced Coastal Cruising Certification Required 

Weekend Rates (member rate on left in yellow)

Andrews 21 + 4 na / na $200 / 300 $365
Andrews 21 (w/furler) + 4 na / na 235 / 375 450
Santana 22 ("Que Apel") + 4 na / na 250 / 375 450
Santa Cruz 27 + 5 na / na 250 / 375 450
Santa Cruz 27 "Phyliss" + 5 na / na 275 / 415 500
J/80 ++ 6 na / na 275 / 415 500
Catalina 320 "Flow" ++ 7 na / na 450 / 685 820
J/105 "Racer X" ++ 7 na / na 450 / 685 820
C&C 40 +++ 8 na / na 560 / 850 995

+ Basic Coastal Cruising Certification Required
++ Intermediate Coastal Cruising Certification Required
+++ Advanced Coastal Cruising Certification Required 

Meeting Space Rental CALL US 415-543-7333

We have a beautiful 280 sq/ft conference room for hourly/daily/weekly rental.  It's a lovely space in the middle of South Beach Harbor, airy and bright! We do have onsite catering options as well as dozens of restaurants nearby. This space can also be combined with a charter aboard Bay LadyYukon Jack or one of our 2 dozen 6 passenger vessels.  Other options include using the conference room for a presentation them moving to the boat tied up dockside for a reception, cocktail party. This allows your guest to meander on and off the boat so you're not confined to a schedule for embarking and disembarking passengers.  There really is no better environment than the San Francisco waterfront offers!

This is a very flexible space and there is a receptionist to meet your guests. Metered Parking on the Embarcadero is easy and 24 hours.  We're adjacent to Oracle Ballpark and a short 5 minute Lyft to Chase Arena so meeting prior to a game is easy!

Room Rates are:

$40/hour (no minimum)

Call for boat or food/beverage options 415-543-7333