Why You Should Go Sailing In San Francisco


Hey, it's touristy, sure. But sailing in San Francisco is something you have to do if you ever visit the fine California city. There's lots of other stuff to do there too, but sailing the San Francisco Bay is really something special.

The main thing is obviously for the sights. San Francisco has some of the best in the country if not the world. For instance, if you go sailing in the Bay area, you could see things like the famous Alcatraz prison island, Angel Island, Sausalito, the spectacular Golden Gate bridge and of course you could see the magnificent city of San Francisco by boat - and the view is totally different and worth it. You can also see lots of seals, sea birds and even dolphins!
If you want to learn to sail, then sailing in San Francisco may be the place to learn. If you go anywhere else in the world and tell people that you learn to sail in San Fran, you will get mad respect. Sailing in the bay can be one of the most challenging places due to things like fog, current, vessel traffic and high wind. There's a saying: "if you can sail the San Francisco Bay, you sail anywhere in the world." Spinnaker Sailing can teach you how to sail in this most magnificent of locations and give you the credentials to sail anywhere in the world.
When you do go sailing in San Fran, you'll want to dress in layers. Yes, the bay area is typically mild and warm but out in the Bay itself, the shifting winds and closeness to the sea can lead to rapidly changing temperatures. Sometimes the temperature can vary from 55 degrees to 85 degrees fahrenheit in the same trip! Make sure to bring a fleece or windbreaker as well as pants to cover up shorts.
Whatever the case, again, we stress that it's a very enjoyable experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. We can give you that experience. So whether it's something you like to do again and again, something you want to share with friends and family, or just something you want to kick off your bucket list - we hope that you do try sailing in San Francisco!