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  TimeShare Sailing is the very BEST way to enjoy boating without ANY of the hassles. It is a unique sailing experience. For people considering buying a new boat, the purchase price combined with the cost of insurance, marina fees, and time spent on upkeep all add up. TimeShare Sailing membership eliminates the hassles, cost, and time associated with traditional sailboat ownership. The barriers to sailing a new luxury yacht are gone.

Beneteau 37 "Valkyrie" $899/mo 7 Uses
J/105 "Wonder" $599/mo 7 Uses
J/80 and smaller 7 boats to choose from $475/mo 7 Uses
Andrew's 21's 3 boats to choose from $350/mo 7 Uses
Mainship 30 Motoryacht "SeaBee" $899/mo 7 Uses

With TimeShare Sailing, your monthly cost is typically less than a single day's charter rate at the local sailing club or monthly slip fees down at the marina. You pay one flat rate to sail as often as most boat owners. TimeShare Sailing's  members don't have to sacrifice on the quality of their boat either. All of our luxury JBoats, Beneteau or Mainship Yachts are shared by a limited number of Members and one Owner Member, who are each guaranteed flexible and frequent use of their boat. Members use our our online calendar to make instant reservations or plan outings up to a year in advance.

TimeShare Sailing is an innovative approach to boating that makes it easier, quicker and more economical for aspiring captains to take the helm of a new boat. We threw out the old bareboat charter model and rewrote the book for todays' sailor.

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This is How it Works:

A sailboat is “shared” by a limited number of Members and one Owner Member. Each member is guaranteed 7 sailing experiences per month...the monthly fee equals what one single daysail would cost!

Members design their own sailing calendar to sail when they want, using our online Google Calendar.

All reservations are made instantly, there's no waiting for approval.  Members can book sails a few minutes before heading to the docks. Or schedule time a few days, or even a year in advance.  And the calendar allows you to communicate with other members, swap reservations with them, or plan sails together.

TimeShare Sailing is the economical alternative to traditional boat ownership. Consider this: most people who own a sailboat use it 2-3 times per month. Yet the cost of ownership is high: slip fees are $700-$1200 per month, your monthly payment to the bank could range from $1500/mo to $2500/mo, sailboat maintenance is expensive, there’s yachting insurance and, the list goes on and on!  And, sailing clubs…well, many of our members come to us frustrated from sailing clubs, fed up with boats in poor condition with no overnighting.

Now you can enjoy the thrill of boat ownership, without the expense.  TimeShare Sailing membership allows you to share access to a new sailboat with others and in doing so share the expense. Members are guaranteed their sail times every month, and TimeShare Sailing covers the insurance, marina fees, cleaning and repairs.  All for a set monthly cost that is usually less than a day’s charter rate at a local sailing club or monthly slip charges for a similar boat. With boat ownership if you tire of the boat you have to sell it. With TimeShare Sailing membership there is no long-term commitment. We are a low cost, turn-key, sailing system: simply point, click, and sail!

Want to sail a beautiful new sailboat on your local waterway in the morning, afternoon, evening, overnight, weekend or for a week, for less than owning or even chartering an older, smaller boat? For far less than the cost of a traditional sailing club? With TimeShare Sailing, you can! As a Member, your sailboat is ready when you are, thanks to our interactive online sail time scheduling and management system. Spinnaker has made sailing practical, cost effective and simple.

  • No boat maintenance, bank notes, slip fees, or yacht insurance costs
  • No long term commitments, no buying or selling assets— just cruise and then upgrade to a larger boat when you want.

Maintenance is also simple with TimeShare Sailing’s system. Upon arrival and departure, an assessment of the boat’s condition is done by the member onboard.  The member follows a simple checklist of safety and cleanliness items located onboard, which also prepares the boat for use or the next member. We have personel on site 7 days a week.  This ensures the boat will be ready to sail when you are.

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Current Member Reviews

Gerhard __

"My wife and I have been in the Valkyrie (Beneteau Oceanis 37) Spinnaker Sailing partnership since December 2019. Drew asked me to reach out and share thoughts on my satisfaction with the Spinnaker Sailing timeshare program.

In short, we are extremely satisfied and the partnership has exceeded our expectations in all regards. The thing I would call out, in particular, is the high standard of seamanship to which Drew and Garett maintains the boat. Also, any time we needed support from them, they've been responsive and quickly sorted things out. The 3-day onboarding program is very valuable and allowed my wife and I to take the boat out confidently from the get go. 

In the past, I've been an equity and non-equity partner (50%) in non-professionally managed sailboats (San Francisco and Cape Town) and belonged to Club Nautique (Sausalito). This Spinnaker program is a much better option, in my mind, for someone who sails twice a month or more, on average.

We moved from SOMA to Sausalito a year ago and would rather stay in the Spinnaker partnership than consider something closer to us, for the reasons mentioned above."

Ryan __

"My name is Ryan and I’ve been a Spinnaker Sailing Timeshare Member on the Valkyrie (Beneteau 38) for the last year. Drew asked me to share a few words about my experience so far.

So prior to becoming a member I had done a number of charters around the world BVI’s, Boston, Bahamas and the San Juan islands and wanted to find a way to enjoy the activity and lifestyle of chartering a boat a little more frequently and closer to home. I am a ways from retirement so owning just didn’t make sense at this stage. I had explored a number of the local clubs but wanted something that felt a little more like owning my own boat than what their more social/learning based programs offered or allowed for. The Spinnaker Sailing Timeshare program could not be better tailored to my personal or families needs at this time. In my opinion it provides all the personal access I could ever hope to squeeze into a months time for a small fraction of the price to own and maintain my own boat. Not to mention it’s in a convenient and premier part of the city where you are a brief motor away from the best sailing and nautical activities the Bay has to offer. My son’s and I have also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do overnights which is not something any of the other clubs permitted. In addition Drew and the Spinnaker Sailing crew have been exceptionally responsive, professional and helpful every step of the way. I honestly could not be more pleased with my experience this first year. 

This may be more than you needed to know but if you have any specific questions or concerns I did not address I am more than happy to respond to those directly and candidly as well." 





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Sign up, make a payment and setup your complete vessel training program.


Review your personal training and orientation needs and make a plan (don’t worry if you’ve never sailed before – we can train you!)


Design your own sailing calendar – Point, click and go sailing. With Spinnaker TimeShare, you can enjoy the exhilarating feeling of sailing your own boat.