SF Bay High Wind Endorsement


The prequisites for this class are:  Basic Keelboat 1, Basic Keelboat 2, Basic Coastal Cruising, 118a - Docking Maneuvering, Outboard Motor Operation & Troubleshooting and a minimum of 5 bareboat charters South of the Bay Bridge.

If you are from the San Francisco area you are most likely aware that SF is quite windy. What you may not know is that our WIND is not the norm in most sailing areas around the world. That is why the saying, “If you can sail in SF, you can sail anywhere” is so true. For the Bay sailor, the ability to sail comfortably and safely in a “good blow” is essential. Otherwise, you will live in constant fear of strong wind, which will probably take away some of the joy of sailing.


So, what will you learn in this course?
Skills and tactics are important, but one must also develop what we call the “sailor brain”. The “sailor brain” is in a constant state of development. Meaning, it is always learning and is always aware of what is going on around it. Complacency is a killer.
Skills, experience, planning, the ability to adapt and improvise, and being able to think several steps ahead are key components of the “sailor brain”. But the biggest component is the ability to stay calm and exude calmness to your crew when the weather picks up.


  • Introduction

  • Float Plan

  • Sailing Conditions

  • Weather Forecasting

  • Complete Systems Checkout

  • Apparent & True Wind Theory

  • Wind Force Discussion

  • Reefing Dockside

  • Rig Tuning for Big Winds


  • Sail Selection

  • Reefing Underway

  • Emergency Planning

  • Navigating Unfamiliar Areas

  • Critique Other Boats

  • Sailing Test

  • What If ?

  • Question & Answer

  • Graduation

J/80 Keelboat

Text Supplied: .pdf

Certification: SF Bay HWE

Prerequisite: See Below

SF Bay HWE  is offered constantly on weekends, typically Sundays 1-5pm
(Weekdays available upon request)
Cost is $375 members, $500 non-members
 Prerequisites are: ASA 101, 103, Sportboat Certification, 3 Bareboat Charters J/80